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Meet Jenny

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Jenny was raised on a small farm in Snohomish, where she learned to make pies from the apples she would pick in her front pastures as a kid. In 2009, while five months pregnant with her first child, Jenny and her husband, Ryan, were approached by a childhood friend on Myspace about purchasing Snohomish Pie Company. Jenny knew this adventure with pie was something she had to do.

Over the next four months, Jenny learned everything she could about the Pie Company. She signed the papers one week after her son was born. "People thought I was crazy. But I knew it was what I wanted to do," Jenny shared. Her son would hang out in his car seat in the kitchen while she baked in the mornings, learning to balance motherhood, and being a business owner all at the same time. She kept the small shop going throughout the recession. Tweaking recipes, increasing the quality of ingredients, shortening the time pies sat on the rack, and developing systems over the years.

In 2012, Jenny and Ryan added a second son to their family. Now with two children and one shop, Jenny continued to grow the company.

In 2015, Jenny decided to go for another location. She signed the papers to another shop in Mountlake Terrace. People still wondered what she was doing. But it all seemed to click for her. On 3.14.15, the Mountlake Terrace location opened and surprised them all with lines out the doors. She launched a new cream pie line in the spring of 2016, and since then, it has been an incredible success.

Over the years, Jenny has continued to live with the approach of putting the right people into the positions and watching the Pie Company grow. She still leads her business with the practice of learning as she goes. Jenny, along with a fantastic team of people, have seen Snohomish Pie Company to its success. From being named "Top 24 Pies in America" from Buzzfeed, to "Best Pie" in Western Washington to also taking home a Victory on Cooking Channel's, Sugar Showdown.

Jenny is not done with the adventure of leading a successful Pie Business. "We aren't in just the Pie business; we are in the people business." Jenny strives to put people first, and that is exactly what the company does.


Shelby Whitt

Operations Manager


Kathryn Tongg

Administrator, Holiday Orders