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Cream Pie Schedule

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Available Friday-Sunday at 10am on a rotating schedule (see below).

Due to high demand and limited refrigeration space, we do not accept advanced pre-orders for Cream Pies outside of Weddings and Large Event Orders.

For more information on Weddings and Events, please visit our Special Orders page.

How To Purchase a Cream Pie

Pick up a pie in person Friday-Sunday starting at 10am. Our Cream Pies are pretty popular and we do often sell out so we recommend coming right at opening if you have a particular pie in mind.

Cream Pie Schedule*

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Sept 29th- Oct 1st: Pumpkin Cream & Peanut Butter Bliss
Oct 6th- October 8th: Pumpkin Cream & S'mores Pie
Oct 13th- October 15th: Pumpkin Cream & Mocha Madness
Oct 20th- October 22nd: Pumpkin Cream & Northwest Berry Cream
Oct 27th- October 29th: Pumpkin Cream & The PB&J

*Menu Subject to Change based on the availability of goods.

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Ready for Some Pie?

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