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Cream Pie Schedule

Available Friday-Sunday at 10am on a rotating schedule (see below).

Due to high demand and limited refrigeration space, we do not accept advanced pre-orders for Cream Pies outside of Weddings and Large Event Orders.

For more information on Weddings and Events, please visit our Special Orders page.

How To Purchase a Cream Pie

Option 1

Pick up a pie in person Friday-Sunday starting at 10am. Our Cream Pies are pretty popular and we do often sell out so we recommend coming right at opening if you have a particular pie in mind.

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Option 2

Place a same-day phone order Friday-Sunday starting at Noon (12pm). You can call the shop to place your order over the phone with payment. If the pie is still available, they will hold the order for you until your pickup time the same day.


Cream Pie Schedule

July 16th-18th: Chocolate Cream & Lemon Cream w/Raspberry
July 23rd-25th: Peanut Butter Bliss* & Banana Cream

July 30th-31st: Raspberry Cream & New Cream Pie Launch
August 6th-8th: Mocha Madness & Coconut Cream
August 13th-15th: Cookies 'n Cream & Lemon Cream w/Raspberry

*Limited quantities due to a shortage of peanut butter cup pieces from our distributor.

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